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Music has always been known as a soothing and healing medium not only to humans but also to plants and animals, as it encourages the expansion of mind and spirit. After various researches music was officially recognized as a therapeutic tool. After which music therapy was used on many people to heal their mind and soul and improving the quality of life by enabling the individuals to relate to the society. Using music as therapy for treatment, many music therapist works in different kinds of special schools, prisons, hospitals and private counseling etc. People all ages and professions can be improved by music therapy and even those people who are with mental or development disorders.

Music directly touches the souls and keeps the mind engaged and this is main reason why music can be the best option for employee engagement. There many reasons why music can be best option for employee engagement, some of them are listed below:

  • People of all age and background love music.
  • Music always touches the mind & soul of every human being, depending on the taste.
  • Music has many options like – singing, dancing, playing guitar, playing many other musical instruments & meditation.
  • Every person has some kind of talent in music that may be singing, writing, playing musical instruments or dancing etc.
  • And music is the easiest thing start learning as it always a fun.
  • Music always removes boredom and is finest time pass.

It has been studied that a hobby or extra curricular activities not only helps in distressing a person after a hard working day but also improves the mental health, efficiency and over all camaraderie amongst employees. Guitar being one of the most popular, convenient and affordable hobby has been wholeheartedly welcomed by number of organizations from us.

Philosophy behind it:

Boss: You’re supposed to hand me the details of Client X’s deal, Prepare a presentation for Client Y, Talk to your teammates to prepare a presentation arranged on datasheet of last month’s deals under your department. And I want this ready by 2 PM tomorrow.

Employee: But, Sir…

Boss: But WHAT?

Employee: Nothing Sir.

The employee is disappointed, depressed, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, fatigued, helpless! This is the spectrum of emotions associated with the PRESSURE of a deadline. A common scenario in any corporation.

The deadline’s pressure is supposed to be considered as obvious by the employees. But, probably effects of this pressure and associated spectrum of emotions on the quality of the results expected from the employees is usually ignored.

If we divide the time period the employee has to do the needful into two categories, Thinking and Doing then doing includes typing and printing and clicking on the mouse for most of the employees in the current corporate protocols. No Doubt’s maximum time is consumed in THINKING.

Most of the scientists worldwide have proven that the best thoughts and insights come to them during the times when they are not forcing themselves to take stress on creating or thinking or finding an IDEA. And it’s a fact.

Now, based on this fact an opportunity for your employees to touch strings instead of keys, paper and mouse for a few minutes every week. Guitar tutorial sessions available for your company’s employees could be an addition to your recreational facilities. A Few MiNUTES every week is a considerable amount of time for such an Activity where we all know that Just the IDEA of Its HAPPENING can give a hope to your employees that some day they can be an artist! It’s a Decent HOPE. And it’s a Workable Addition to Your company’s Motivation took kit. A NATURAL stress buster to open unexplored thinking channels of your employee’s Mind. Where Intention is the increase in the level of quality of the desired and expected result.

Our Profile:

  • An academy for teaching the guitar & providing employee engagement services through music in Mumbai, Pune & Delhi.
  • Associated with more then 25 blue chip companies such as Wipro, Reliance, L&T etc.
  • Courses designed by music celebrity Mr. Chintoo singh, a bollywood famous guitarist.
  • Certified Guitar training & best in the corporate, 'A' grade artists/teachers to teach.
  • Awarded by Brooklyn Business Success Inc.
  • Memeber of CTEA (Cine & Television Education Association).

Why choose us?

  • Researched and new methodologies in music to teach .
  • All study materials are provided by the Guitargaurav itself.
  • Very user friendly educational layout.
  • Provide you with high-quality & cost-effective musical instruments for sale and rents.
  • We prepare bands, give a chance for talented employees to perform live.
  • Multiple centers in which employees can join us in non-working hours.
  • Customized services at discounted price.
  • Classes shall be conducted on employees choice of time.
  • Adjustable payment method for employees.
  • Extend other stress management programs in yoga & meditation.