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Ever thought of Music as the best option for a career?

Research states that if your hobby becomes your career, you would be more successful in life because you are passionate about what you are doing. Well, there are many aspirants, who may take or even choose playing the guitar as a career and interestingly, they are quite happy.

Our Placement Cell constantly communicates with prospective organizations, in which a guitar player is required such as star rated hotels, niche restaurants, educational institutions for music teachers or even Government bodies.

We give Bachelors of Arts, BA, 6 years regular Degree course, called "Prabhakar" through Braj Sangeet vidyapeth, university, Mathura (UP) and any of our aspirants can find the right job with this authentic Certification.

There are various career options available as per three categories, once one has successfully completed any chosen course. The options are mentioned below
A. You may join 'guitargaurav' itself.
B. You can go and start your own company in nearby societies.
C. We help students to get a regular job or as a performer in indian music industry or as a music-teacher in private or government schools.