Why an organisation needs

Why an organisation needs employee engagement?

Employee Engagement is a term in human resource development which is very vital for every organization these days. Following are the reasons why a company needs employee engagement.

  • Helps in employee retention and customer satisfaction.
  • Help to increase commitment level of employees towards work.
  • Brings higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Makes the office a "great place to work" for employees.
  • Increases efficiency and thus profitability.
  • Decreases the ratio of absenteeism.
  • Keeps employees engaged, motivated and inspired.
  • Increases emotional and intellectual attachment with work and company.
  • Increases the sense of ownership in employees.
  • Increases willingness to learn and perform.
  • Increases emotional attachment to colleagues and work place.

Key factors in engagement are alignment of employees toward strategy, enabling employees to have the capability to engage themselves, and creating the sense of engagement -- creating the sense that individuals are a part of a greater entity.