As a employee engagement

Musical Keyboard or Piano is among the most sought after musical instruments but are not that easy to play. But playing Piano and keyboard is very good for human mind and soul. Thus playing keyboard has now been widely used as employee engagement activity for corporate employees. We, at Guitar Guarav provide excellent Keyboard playing classes which helps to learn playing keyboard within 12 weeks.

It has many useful applications in life which somehow also relates work and career also. Many scientific studies have shown that playing keyboard leaves positive impact in life and helps to improves people’s work and career. Keyboard also provides benefits to both company and employees when used as an activity for employee engagement.

As a Medicine

Playing piano isn’t just good for the soul. It’s good for the mind too. Playing piano has many applications in daily life, including work/career. Many medical professionals such as doctors agree, despite few scientific studies on the matter, that playing piano can help anyone in their career work, including medical technicians of all kinds.

The benefits to playing piano are universal. They apply to just about any type of career. Specifically though,medical workerscan reap a number of benefits from regularly tickling the ivories. Some of these include:

Some of the best amateur pianists are doctors. Dr. Henri Delbeau, a New York internist and professor of medicine, is one of those. Delbeau is an avid pianist. He has won a number of prestigious amateur piano competitions, including the Boston International Piano Competition for Exceptional Amateurs. He has been the featured guest pianist with a number of symphony orchestras.

Patients like those of Dr. Delbeau may have a little extra assurance of professional care when their doctors are also pianists. Playing piano can be said to benefit both doctors and those they cares for.

Benefits to Company:
  • Makes employees more attached to the work place.
  • Keeps employee motivated and healthy.
  • Music Keeps them physically and mentally fit.
  • Reduces absenteeism as they get attached to work place.
  • Reduces attrition level of employees.
  • Bring better results and increases profitability.

Benefits to Employees:
  • Increases their confidence level.
  • Makes them physically, mentally and emotionally strong.
  • Makes them engaged and removes negativity.
  • Brings positive state of mind.

Corporate course




Module 1

3 Months

(12 Sessions)

(18 Hours)

Covers the physical principles of technique and ‘unlocks’ the keyboard, enabling you to fluently access the sounds required for specific styles and situations. Conventional playing techniques, including electric slide playing.

Module 2

3 Months

(12 Sessions)

(18 Hours)

Range of styles, analysing the harmonic and rhythmic components, great players, techniques, sounds and equipment used. tools to respond to any musical situation, rhythm and lead keyboard concepts and techniques.

Pricing & Curriculum



Actual price

Rs. 6000/- Per Head (quarterly)

Corporate price

Rs. 3600/- Per Head (quarterly)

Class duration

1.30 hour (Once in a week)

Total sessions

12 + 12

Course duration

3 Months + 3 Months


8 to 15 Students

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