Among all musical instruments, the guitar stands out as being the most popular. Many people find guitar playing very ‘cool’ and is deemed as an image enhancing pursuit, this perhaps has a lot to do with the ‘rockstar’ image the instrument conveys.

But that apart, it goes without saying that a lot of school kids, college students and even young professionals love to learn the guitar. This is obvious from the fact that guitar classes are burgeoning and there are so many online courses also which seem to be bursting at the very seams.

Why choosing to play guitar

1) Better intellectual capacity: One of the most obvious benefits of instrumental music for students is that you can get a better mark in music class, but did you know that making music can help you in your other subjects as well? Many studies have shown that students who play music have generally higher test and IQ scores than students who aren’t musical. If you’re past your school years, countless other studies have proven that practicing musicians of any age are more alert, which can lead to better memory retention.

2) Discipline and patience: Patience and discipline are virtues that so many of us lack in today’s world. Music, however, is known for its ability to lengthen attention span for its player. The discipline required to master guitar is also helpful in your everyday life when coping with tedium or difficult tasks...

3) Relieves stress: Had a bad day? Pick up your guitar! Creating music can soothe the mind, calm tempers and even lower blood pressure.

4) Sense of achievement: Nothing can beat the feeling you get once you conquer a difficult passage in a piece you’ve been working on. Hard work pays off in music, and you’ll often feel a sense of accomplishment if you dedicate yourself to the study of guitar.

5) Communicate your emotions: Ever been told to find a better outlet for your emotions than a punching bag? Playing guitar can be the answer to your problems. If you’ve been heartbroken, play something sad and slow. If you just got a new job and you’re over the moon, play something loud and joyful.

6) Emanate your personal style: Not all music is classical and two hundred years old, written by some dead European guy. Other genres of music are out there for all types of instruments. Ever heard a guitar play Metall? Try it out! You might like how it feels under your fingers and how it sounds in your head.

7) Teamwork: One of the most rewarding things about being able to play guitar is being able to play with other musicians like you. Not only do you get to show off your amazing musical skills, but you can combine your talents and make music that you could never dream of playing on your own. In order for your group to find their groove, you’ll need to work together on sound, tempo and style; in expanding your musical horizons together, you’ll grow as a musician and as a person.

8) Physical workout: Music isn’t just for the mind and soul-it’s good for the body, too! By playing guitar you are strengthening your arms, your fingers and hands, and even your legs (playing guitar burns approximately 90 kCals an hour).

9) Bragging Rights: Say you’re at a party, and a handsome man/beautiful woman/cute guy/hot girl asks you what you do. Once you play guitar, you can truthfully say, "I’m a musician”. Let’s face it: how many people do you know that would look down on you if you told them that? Music is in, and it always will be, so cherish the fact that you’re a part of the never-ending trend.

10) Fun: That’s right, fun. Music is fun, and everyone accepts this. Listening to music is fun, so your friends will appreciate the fact that you’ve got a great way to entertain them. Playing music, though, is the most fun you can have. There’s no denying it. When you really let yourself become one with the music, there’s nothing in the world that can stand in your way. Music is the key to life, and it will always be one of the most worthwhile hobbies/careers ever invented. So go ahead! strum those strings and make some music!

Our corporate course




Guitar Practical 1

3 Months

(12 Sessions)

(18 Hours)

Chromatic scales, Reading the tab, Chord & scales (major, minor, power), Exercises based on songs, concept of Indian classical, Western classical & Rock music.

Guitar Practical 2

3 Months

(12 Sessions)

(18 Hours)

Chords & scales (7th, Augmented & Diminished), Simple notation of music, Exercises based on songs.

Pricing & Curriculum




Rs. 3600/- Per Head (quarterly)

Class duration

1.30 hour (Once in a week)

Total hour

36 hours

Total sessions

12 + 12

Course duration

3 Months + 3 Months


8 to 15 Students

Instrument support

We provide solutions for your instrument at discounted prices as followed:

1. You can purchase a new guitar from us with a buy back option: We deal in all the leading guitar brands such as Givson, Fender, Yamaha, Hofner, Granada, GBA, Pluto. Also provide buy back option on selected guitars during the course. Cost: Rs 2500/- to Rs.18000/-

2. You can purchase a used guitar from us: We provide used guitar with excellent condition. As a beginner you can start through a used guitar. Cost: Rs. 1200/- to 8000/-

3. You can get a guitar on rent from us: Don’t want to spend much initially. Take a guitar on rent from us. Cost: Rs. 500/- Per month.

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