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Stress Relief: Playing the drums is beneficial to stress relief. According to a study appearing in "Alternative Therapies," group drumming,has the potential to produce cumulative positive effects inducesrelaxation, enhances awareness and releases emotional trauma so much that well-being to people facing long-term conditions. It results in less hormonal stress response. According to a study conducted by Michael Winkelman it is useful in treating addiction. Researchers at the Meadville Medical Center's Wellness Center have shown that group drumming reduces burnout and improves mood in long-term nursing care workers.

Brain Aid: Playing the drums can be beneficial to physical well-being. A 150-lb. person can burn 272 calories playing drums for an hour. Clem Burke, the drummer for Blondie, has been working with Dr. Steve Draper at the University of Gloucestershire, who monitored his heart rate during aconcert, which got as high as 190 beatsper minute, his exertion rate equaling that of a professional soccer player. Drumming also improves reflexes and develops muscles.

Physical Health: Playing the drums, like any other musical instrument, has positive effects on brain development and coordination. Drumming is beneficial to hand-eye coordination. Drumming can even lead to an increase in IQ scores. According to a study conducted by E. Glenn Schellenberg at the University of Toronto, those receiving music lessons reported higher IQ scores.

Our corporate course




Module 1

3 Months

(12 Sessions)

(18 Hours)

Mechanical, physical and ergonomic principles of hand and foot technique, co-ordination, control, speed, endurance and mobility to develop, mental approach to performing and practicing, understanding of the principles of African, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms.

Module 2

3 Months

(12 Sessions)

(18 Hours)

Tools to be totally creative in your own right, approaches of the great drummers and develop the dexterity and co-ordination needed to respond to any musical situation.

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Actual price

Rs. 6000/- Per Head (quarterly)

Corporate price

Rs. 3600/- Per Head (quarterly)

Class duration

1.30 hour (Once in a week)

Total sessions

12 + 12

Course duration

3 Months + 3 Months

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